Magic Health Pain Care

Professor Shiming WangOver 40 Years of Clinical Experience

Medical Professional

Acute and Chronic Pains:

Head, body, chest, stomach, neck, leg, hand and feet pains, numbness, stiffness, weakness, hand can't hold stably, walks unbalance, difficulty of sits, kneel and stand up,sciatica, Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, menstrual pain, hyperostosis, lumbar disc herniation.


Incurable Diseases:

  • Allergies, immediate results can be
  • seen and can be cure.
  • Infertility, success rate is over 70%.
  • Depression, it will not have any sequel after the treatment.
  • Insommia, you will have more energy after the treatment.
  • The weakness of your body, you will back to healthy.

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